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Biggest Benidorm Bar Crawl

The Benidorm bar crawl is one of the best nights to be had and the Friday/Saturday nights are the largest bar crawls in town. Not only is it the Party Hard Smashed bar crawl but also Benidorm Stag & Hen (part of our company) and the major UK stag and hen, 18-30’s companies who offer Benidorm also put all their groups on the bar crawl so it’s massive on the weekends so best to book your place as it’s massive, just not everyone can hack it two nights in a row 😉 Your Ticket covers you for each night of the week you are here so you can go on as many crawl as you like.

Tickets are 10 euro person and that includes free shot with every drink in first bar, 2 x 1 offers on the night, free shot on entrance to each bar, 6 hours in 6 bars of madcap drink fulled games, our own police armed with two liter pump action water pistols filled with Sangria and Vodka to get the party going with unlimited shots all night and the hen/stag goes free. Your ticket covers you for every night in the week, that’s right you can do it as many nights as you can handle.

There is lots of stuff involving whipped cream, bear bongs, champagne races and many more surprises. If its your first night then a great way to find all the best bars, though you might not remember much in the morning. If you have already been here for a few days they will still easily be some of the best nights of your holiday. Certainly worth €10

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